Design and Technology

The Design and Technology department are delighted with the outstanding products produced by our learners across the whole range of material areas. As part of our programme of study all learners will undertake a series of Focused Practical Activities, ‘Design and Make’ assignments and theory based exercises to develop knowledge and understanding within each of the material areas. These activities are tailored to build skills in designing and making using a variety of contexts within the various material areas.

Our aim is to encourage independent learners with an enjoyment for the subject.

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 learners follow a carousel system which provides the basis for developing knowledge and understanding of Design Technology whilst allowing experience of all of the material areas. At this level all learners will experience lessons within: Food Technology, Graphics, Resistant Materials, Textiles and CAD work.


Staffing -

 Mr Bannister

Head of Faculty – Design & Technology

 Mr Hawkins

Design & Technology; i/c Construction courses

 Mrs Brewster

Design & Technology; i/c Food Technology

 Miss Williams

Design & Technology: Textiles and Graphic Products

 Mr Burgess

Design & Technology;  i/c A level Product Design

 Mr Bloom

i/c ITT

Design & Technology; Graphic Products and Engineering

 Mrs Farrow

Design & Technology

 Mrs Nesling

Home Technology Technician

 Mr Lightowler

Design & Technology Technician