English is arguably the most important subject at High School. Like Maths it underpins many other subject areas and success in English is crucial to a student’s progress overall.

We believe that confidence is key in English and we aim to stress that English is a broad subject that means that students can always shine in some aspect of their studies - whether that is in speaking and listening activities or responding to short stories, novels, plays and poetry, or reacting to newspaper reports and articles, advertisements, persuasive leaflets, blogs and biography, or engaging in their own creative writing or perhaps analysing the moving image in film studies.

We aim to give our students the skills to be able to communicate well both orally and in writing and to be able to respond perceptively to the myriad of texts they will encounter in the digital age. We are passionate about literature and film and endeavour to inspire our students to a lifelong interest and enjoyment of narrative.

Results at both GCSE and A Level are excellent. 2015 results:
GCSE 71% A* - C. 81% of students making expected levels of progress.
A Level English Literature: Results in the top 10% nationally for third consecutive year.

Our Key Stage 3 course spanning Years 7–9 is wide ranging and enriching. Study of such texts as Romeo and Juliet, Much Ado About Nothing, Coleridge’s narrative poem The Ancient Mariner, Skellig and Holes is supplemented by a range of challenging and stimulating written tasks such as autobiographical writing, letter writing, scripting radio advertisements, creating film and television reviews and researching the Suffolk dialect.

Some written work will be produced under examination conditions to prepare the students for GCSE in Year 10 and 11.

Such assessments are extremely valuable not only in charting progress but also in providing experience of writing against the clock.