General Introduction

Geography course gives you a strong foundation for understanding the two main themes of the subject: human geography and physical geography. Between them, they’re what make our planet tick.
Human geography deals with how people and the environment interact and the way we both exist. It also looks at how people and groups move and live in the world around us. For example, you’ll learn about stuff you see in the papers and on the news every day, including issues of sustainability.
Physical geography on the other hand, is all about the scientific aspects of our world, with an emphasis on how we can manage them.

Key Stage 3

Geography in Years 7, 8 and 9 provides a broad and balanced introduction to the subject. It gives students the skills and knowledge of geography to support them in their future studies. Included in the curriculum are studies of Africa, Japan and other major Asian countries. Also GIS is becoming an increasing important area for Geographers. To ensure students are able to use these new areas of technology, subjects such as the Geography of Crime are included in our program of study. Areas of physical geography, rivers, coasts and weather and climate give students the basic understanding needed to learn about these complex areas of physical geography in later stages of their studies.