Edexcel History B

What’s in store?
In Year 10 students will study Medicine and Health from the Roman era to the present; from the Aqueducts of Ancient Rome; through the filth and mire of London’s medieval streets, through to the technological age of today.  Students will examine how science, government, superstition and even luck have all shaped how our medicine has evolved and not always for the best.  Students will then pursue an in-depth study of surgery between 1845 and 1918.  This fascinating topic studies the transformation of surgery from a bloody, spectator sport to the more high-tech, skilled arena it has become today.

In Year 11 students will study German history from the end of WW I to its collapse at the end of WW II.  Students will study how a new, progressive democracy failed and was replaced, in turn, by the oppressive, violent and ultimately destructive dictatorship of Adolf Hitler. 

Controlled Assessment will examine the student’s understanding of the ‘Impact of War on Britain c1914 – 1950’; this will be completed between the October and February half-term holidays.


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6th Form Life -

AQA History

What’s in store?
Year 12 allows students to study two key periods in the shaping of the modern world; Tzarist Russia and the USA in Vietnam.  Both modules have proved extremely popular and successful over recent years and provide a fascinating insight into two crucial periods in the history of the two dominant powers of the 20th century. 

In Year 13 students will explore modern British History from Attlee right up to the end of Blair.  This is a particularly intriguing module, as students study history as it literally unfurls around them.

Students will also undertake their own investigation having studied the history of conflict between 1850-1950; from Crimea to Korea.


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Lectures and Trips -

A Level History offers the students two opportunities to hear to some of the country’s leading academics on the history of the Vietnam War (Year 12) and the Making of Modern Britain (Year 13).  Prestigious speakers over the last few years have included Professor Kevin Ruane and Professor Dominic Sandbrook.  These lectures have proved to be highly popular and effective revision opportunities for the students.

Recent trips have included:
Krakow, where students have visited Auschwitz and the Salt Mines (World Heritage Site) Italy, where students toured Florence, Sienna and Rome, including the Coliseum and Vatican City.


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