What is Sociology -

Sociology is the scientific study of society, examining how individuals and groups are shaped by the social world around us. During A Level Sociology we explore a number of different social theories, ranging from classical Marxism to contemporary Feminism, and apply these ideas and debates to modern society in order to develop a critical understanding of the way we live.

Sociology is an innovative discipline which attempts to encompass the sciences and the humanities to explore a fascinating topic. Over the A Level we specifically examine modules on the family, the education system, religion and crime, alongside debates on gender, ethnicity and class.


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Why Choose Sociology -

Sociology is a well-respected A Level, ideal for students who are interested and inquisitive about the world around them and keen to debate and investigate new ideas. Sociology complements both traditional science and humanities A Levels, broadening ideas and themes under the umbrella of the social sciences, alongside modelling wider key skills such as essay writing, debating and independent research. Sociology therefore provides an excellent basis and extension for subjects such as History, Biology, Geography, Psychology and Health and Social Care, and will be particularly useful for those considering a career in journalism, teaching, healthcare, law, media, business and the police.


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Course Content -

Unit 1: Families and Households

Marriage, divorce, childhood, domestic violence, couples and relationships

Unit 2: Education with Sociological Research Methods

The hidden curriculum, educational achievement, the role of class, gender and ethnicity

Unit 3: Beliefs in Society

Secularisation, global religion, sects, cults, religious fundamentalism, New Age Movements

Unit 4: Crime and Deviance with Sociological Theory and Methods

The criminal justice system, policing, prisons, gangs, cybercrime, corporate crime


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