Dance is studied at Key stage 3 on a carousel basis with Drama. It is also offered at GCSE and students follow the AQA course. The study of Dance allows students to develop their skills in creating, performing and evaluating and the lessons encompass these aspects and skills.

Key Stage 4

What Will You Study? 

The course focuses on the three main aspects of Dance:

  • Choreography
  • Performance
  • Appreciation

Through a range of dance styles each of the three key aspects will be studied. The following Dance styles will be studied over the two year course, with contemporary forming the main body of practical work;

  • Contemporary
  • Jazz
  • Ballet
  • Contact Improvisation

Students will participate in both practical and theory lessons. 

How Will You Be Assessed?

Unit 1: Critical Appreciation of Dance (Written Paper)     20%
Unit 2: Set Dance (Practical Examination)    20%
Unit 3: Performance in a duo/group (Practical Examination)     20%
Unit 4:  Choreography:Task 1: Solo Composition                  (Practical Examination)   15%
Task 2: Choreography solo/duo/group (Practical Examination)        25%
Total: 40%

What Else Do You Need To Know?

Previous Dance experience may be an advantage when undertaking particular aspects of the course however, it is certainly NOT a necessary requirement for the course; all committed, hard working students who have a general interest and enjoyment for Dance are welcome.  

What can you gain from doing this course?

  • You acquire and develop new, transferable skills which are exclusive to Dance; increased confidence, team building skills and analytical sills.
  • An opportunity to develop and improve physical performance in a range of dance styles
  • A knowledge and understanding of choreographic skills
  • A knowledge and understanding of the technical nature and expressive nature of Dance skills.

What Equipment will you need

You will be studying Dance so will be expected to dress as a dancer; black jogging bottoms or leggings, leotard (optional) and a plain black vest top or t-shirt. Students also have the opportunity to buy a Stowmarket High School Dance t-shirt or hooded sweatshirt which can be worn in lessons. Students will also be required to have writing equipment (pen and pencil) for their theory lessons.

The course is an ideal stepping stone for those with a desire to study either Performance Studies or Dance at A Level.

AQA requires all practical exams to be video recorded. Video recording will also be used throughout the course for evaluation purposes.