General Introduction

At Stowmarket, we strive to develop a love of number and we believe that mathematics can be enjoyed by all pupils. All students have a different way of thinking and learning, therefore provision is made for each individual and a variety of appropriate teaching strategies are used, making good use of our excellent resources. We encourage our pupils to have the confidence to put forward their ideas and explain the methods that they are using. Extra support is given to those who need reinforcement and for the very able students we take the subject to a higher level whilst also participating in the Junior, Intermediate and Senior maths challenges run by Leeds University. We encourage pupils to tackle open-ended problems and investigations; they need to decide for themselves appropriate strategies and how they will formulate a solution. Our teaching groups are flexible and constantly reassessed and we run maths clubs at lunchtime and after school.

Yeasr 9 to 11 will follow a 3 year scheme of work from Edexcel at either a higher or foundation entry to achieve the best possible grade possible for your child. In 2016, pupils will achieve the traditional A* to G grade in mathematics, but from 2017 onwards new grades are introduced as pupils will work hard to achieve on the new 1-9 grade scale. 

KS4 3 year GCSE

iOS and Android App for Maths revision


Revise on-line using your mobile phone or tablet. A great way to practise Maths questions and help you prepare for your exams.  Click on the link below for more details and use the Powerpoint for log in details.     


Past Papers

Past GCSE papers are available to download using the links below, all come with video solutions and mark schemes. 

Higher Tier

Foundation Tier


Additional Revision Resources

Maths revision using videos, quizzes and practise worksheets


Mymaths :- Online revision, with questions and immediate feedback

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Password and user details can be asked for from your subject teacher.


Algebra Skills Building  - Algebra Skills Assessment / Algebra Skills Builder Index

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