Headteacher's Blog

At the end of last week we hosted the Year 11 Pre Examination Results assembly. The ‘Pres’ (formally known as the mock examinations) give us and the students a really clear steer to where intervention and extra work needs to be put in if the summer results are going to be successful. That is, if everyone takes them seriously. Here at Stowmarket High we take them very seriously indeed, and the results assembly is done in such a way to ensure students know exactly how seriously we take them, because they are modelled very closely on what happens when the students receive the results in the summer. This year parents were invited too, and we were delighted when 50 parents attended to share the moment and support their sons and daughters as they found out exactly what grades they had earned in their Pres. The results look very positive for the year group as a whole, but of course within that there are individual stories of disappointment, confusion, upset and of course joy. We now really hone in on these results and what they tell us about every individual student, every subject, every paper and every question. Work now begins on ensuring any issues are tackled, and that every support we can muster is directed at these students as they face these extremely stressful examinations.

The Year 13 students sat their pre exam papers last week - we keenly look forward to hearing the results of that process in couple of weeks.

Examinations are the sharp end of what we do in school – ultimately it is our key job to ensure as many students as possible gain the qualifications they need to progress to their next level. Of course school is also about much more - at times it feels as if every social problem is being thrown at teachers with the expectation that with some posters and some short lessons on each topic our young people will be magically ‘healed’. This is not possible, but we commit ourselves here to the key leadership skills - Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative and Communication. It is our belief that if our students walk out of our school with these skills and with a strong set of qualifications they will be well set to make a positive difference in the world.

What a great job we have.

Mr Lee-Allan