Cardiac Risk In The Young Screening Update

CRY Logo with CN 01

Following the sudden death of student Lily Webster 2012, her family have been raising money to fund annual screening for the young people of Stowmarket. The organisation Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) screen young people between the ages of 14-35. By screening people early, any abnormal heart rhythms or heart defects can be detected and interventions put in place to stop Sudden Adult Death Syndrome from occurring. Each screening session costs around £5000 during which time approximately 200 young people can be screened. There is never any cost to the young people who are screened.

This past weekend the Gipping Valley Centre was transformed into a Heart Screening clinic. We set up 3 rooms for Electrocardiogram screening and another for Echo Cardiogram screening. On site we had a Consultant Cardiologist who read every trace and made referrals to patients G.P. when necessary. Over the weekend we screened another 189 young people this puts our total over the past 4 years at over 800 people.

From the screening this year 4 people were found to have cardiac anomalies and were therefore referred.

I would like to take the time to thank those people who have made donations to the Lily Webster Memorial Fund and the CRY charity. Without continued support the screening could not take place here in Stowmarket High School.


Mr Joe Wellham

Associate Headteacher and Head of Health and Social Care