Umbrella Group Breakfast Club is Moving

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Umbrella Group – Breakfast Club

January 2017 - We are moving!

Attention all students! As from Monday 9th January 2017 we will be moving back to Lilies in the main school.

You will still be able to get your fruit, cereal, toast and a drink every morning between 8.00am and 8.30am. No food will be available before 8.00am.

We have teamed up with our canteen staff. They are already providing hot breakfast food during this time. Any hot food will need to be paid for direct to the canteen staff. You will not be able to use any Free School Meal allowance for hot food served at breakfast time by the canteen.

The cereal, toast and drink will continue to be FREE!

If you join us for breakfast, you must ensure that you tidy away any plates, cutlery and glasses you have used. Poor behaviour will result in you being removed from the breakfast club.

Please tell your friends.

This facility is there to support you!