Stowmarket High School (SHS) Governing Body


The Governing Body sets the vision and strategic direction of the school, holds the head teacher to account for the educational performance of the school, its pupils and performance management of staff and oversees the financial performance of the school to ensure its money is well spent.


Additional Duties include determining how the school budget is spent, appointing and dismissal of staff, hearing appeals and grievances, setting standards for pupil behavior and discipline and ensuring school buildings are welcoming and safe.


Structure of Stowmarket High School Governing Body

The full governing body meets usually twice each term and there are committees focusing on specific aspects of the school and meet as required.  

  • Appeals Committee:
  • Finance & Personnel Committee:
  • Pay Committee:
  • Pupil Discipline Committee:
  • Standards Committee:

In addition certain areas are covered by governors with specific responsibilities:  Health & Safety, Safeguarding / SEN, Prevent, Link Governor


Governor Details

Local Authority governors are appointed by the Local Authority (1), Parent governors by parents/carers of SHS pupils/students (5), Co-opted governors by the Governing Body (4) and Staff Governors by SHS staff members (1).

Mr Jon Brighton:                               Parent Governor

(Vice Chair)

 Committees:                                    Finance & Personnel (Chair)

                                                          Pupil Discipline

Specific Responsibilities:                  Safeguarding


Term of Office:                                  12 January 2019

Attendance at Meetings 2015/16:     Full

Pecuniary Interests:                         Nil


 Mr Gerald Brown:                             Co-opted Governor

 Committees:                                     Pupil Discipline

                                                           Standards (Chair)

Specific Responsibilities:                 Health & Safety

Term of Office:                                  17 January 2020

Attendance at Meetings 2015/16:   

Pecuniary Interests:                        Nil


 Ms Lara Burgess:                            Staff Governor


Term of Office:                                  16 November 2018

Attendance at Meetings 2015/16:    Full

Pecuniary Interests:                        Nil



Mrs Stephanie Challinor:                  Co-opted Governor



Committees:                                    Finance & Personnel

                                                         Pay (Chair)

Specific Responsibilities:                 Link Governor

Term of Office:                                30 June 2019

Attendance at Meetings 2015/16:   Full

Pecuniary Interests:                       Nil



Mrs Lisa Hele:                                Co-opted Governor


Committees:                                    Pupil Discipline                                 


Specific Responsibilities:                SEN

Term of Office:                               15 July 2020

Attendance at Meetings 205/16:    Full

Pecuniary Interests:                      Nil



Mrs  Alison Hueck:                        Parent Governor


Committees:                                   Pay

                                                       Pupil Discipline


Term of Office:                               14 April 2017

Attendance at Meetings 2015/16:  Full

Pecuniary Interests:                     Nil



Mr Dave Lee-Allen:                       Head teacher Governor


Committees:                                  Finance & Personnel

Term of Office:                              Ongoing

Attendance at Meetings 2015/16: Full

Pecuniary Interests:                     Nil



Mrs Lucy Smythe:                         Parent Governor


Committees:                                  Pay

                                                      Pupil Discipline                                 

                                                     Finance & Personnel

Term of Office:                              1 September 2020

Attendance at Meetings 2015/16:Full

Pecuniary Interests:                    Nil



Mr Martin Ward:                           Parent Governor


Committees:                                 Pupil Discipline


Term of Office:                             20 March 2020

Attendance at Meetings 2015/16:All except 18 Jul 2016

Pecuniary Interests:                    Nil



Mrs Jane Williamson:                   Co-opted Governor


Committees:                                 Pupil Discipline                                 


Specific Responsibilities:             Attendance

Term of Office:                             31 December 2019

Attendance at Meetings 2015/16:Full

Pecuniary Interests:                    Nil


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