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16th January 2014


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19th September 2013


'The School Leaders have brought about improvement in a number of ways.'

'Lessons are almost always calm and teachers know their subjects well.' 

'The school's capacity to improve is good.'

'Students' learning is helped by a good curriculum which caters for their full range of interests and aspirations.

'Students say they feel safe at school...'

'Pupils who have special needs and/or diasbilities perform in line with expectations.'

'...the performance of boys is in line with that of girls.'

'Students behaviour in lessons is good, as it is around the school.'

'Students are keen to learn.'

'Students are sensible and courteous.'

'Students say they enjoy school and feel safe there.'

'There is good provision for students who have been identified as Gifted and Talented.'

'There is additional support, some taking place early in the day, for students whose literacy skills are relatively week.'

'Extra curricular opportunities are good...'

'There are good and effective programmes for pupils whose circumstances may make them feel vulnerable, and they are increasingly making good progress as a result.'

'The number of incidents of poor behaviour is reducing...'

''The attendance of students has 

'In some subjects, for example mathematics, there has been rapid improvement.'

In the sixth form 'there has been significant improvement.'

Sixth form 'students' attainment has improved steadily...and continues to rise'.

Sixth form 'curriculum has improved as has the quality of teaching.'

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Nov 2011

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Mar 2009

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