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What will I be able to see in detail?

When you login to GO 4 Schools you will be taken to your son’s/ daughter’s profile which contains the following information.

Assessment Information for each of the curriculum subjects

Target: Agreed between teacher and student; this should be a challenging and realistic aspiration for the end of the key stage and can be reviewed and updated any time to reflect progress being made. Review discussion can be initiated by student, teacher or parent

Predicted Grade/Level: a forecast for the end of the key stage based on current evidence from lessons and assessment activities. Different subjects will use different forms of assessment activity to arrive at the Predicted Grade/Level.

Current Grade/Level: indication of Grade/Level achieved so far. Frequently adjusted as the student progresses.

Actual Grade/Level.

For Year 11, 12 and 13 it will display the exam results after they have been made public.


Attendance Information

This information is updated at the end of each school day. Please be aware that some absences may be recorded as unauthorised until such time that we receive confirmation from parents that the absence was due to illness, medical appointment etc. Please note there are two reporting points in every school day, morning and afternoon registration. For example six authorised/unauthorised absence marks could mean three full authorised/unauthorised absence days.


Learning Checks

All Learning Checks  are available to view as PDF documents. These can be downloaded and printed. They also contain attributes for motivation, independent learning, resilience, behaviours for learning and communication & relationships. 

For Years 7 and 8 they also contain all indication of progress made.